93.3 KIOA Alumni Reunion

93.3 KIOA, one of the Midwest’s most beloved radio stations, celebrated its 75th anniversary in style by hosting a reunion of former on-air personalities at Chicago Speakeasy on March 28, 2023. This event brought together former “Good Guys,” whose service to the station spanned decades, to reminisce about their time on the airwaves and share stories with the station’s current on-air talent.

The reunion was a great opportunity for old friends and colleagues to catch up and share their memories of working at KIOA. Many of the attendees brought memorabilia from their time at the station, including vinyl albums, photographs, and other collectibles. These items served as a tangible reminder of the station’s rich history and the impact it has had on the community over the years.

The former staff members also had the opportunity to mingle with current on-air personalities Luke and Jeriney, Leigh McNabb, Karess Carter, and Kate Garner. This provided a unique opportunity for the current staff to learn from those who came before them and hear how the station has evolved over the years.

The afternoon was filled with hilarious stories and fond memories of KIOA. Many of the attendees shared stories about the early days of the station that brought rock and roll to Iowa and the impact the station had on the genre. They also talked about how radio has changed over the years and how KIOA has adapted to these changes while still maintaining its core values and mission.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the chance to hear from some of the most legendary Good Guys in the station’s history. These personalities were known for their larger-than-life personas and their ability to connect with their listeners on a personal level. They shared stories about some of their most memorable moments and the impact they had on the station and its listeners.

Another highlight of the event was the opportunity for attendees to connect with each other and build new relationships. Many of the former staff members had not seen each other in years, and the reunion provided a chance to catch up and reminisce about old times.

Overall, the KIOA 75th anniversary reunion was a tremendous success. It provided a unique opportunity for former and current staff members to come together and celebrate the station’s rich history and impact on the community. The stories shared by attendees served as a reminder of the important role radio has played in shaping our culture and connecting us to each other.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that KIOA will continue to play an important role in Des Moines. Its commitment to playing great music and engaging with its listeners has made it a beloved institution in Des Moines, the Midwest, and beyond. And events like the 75th-anniversary reunion serve as a reminder of the station’s legacy and the important role it has played in the lives of its listeners over the years. Everyone on the KIOA staff looks forward to writing the book on the next generation of KIOA’s rich history!