STAR 102.5’s Christmas Wish 2023

Listen to the stories of people who deserve a Christmas Wish to help make this holiday season a little brighter.

Presented by NCMIC – We Take Care of Our Own.

Listen to the wishes:

  • Wish 1 | From Boone, Cheryl’s friend and hard-working co-worker, Beth, is dealing with a recent cancer diagnosis but is still trying to continue to help others, as she’s always done. Cheryl wants to ensure a Christmas can still be magical for her friend Beth.
  • Wish 2 | Her daughter has had to deal with far too many health problems for a child to endure, and now her mom wants to make sure she has something special that she can call her own.
  • Wish 3 |  A daughter wants to thank her mom for a lifetime of love and support, especially during this difficult time.
  • Wish 4  | Hear a Christmas Wish for a woman who has brought so much joy to others through her sewing machine.
  • Wish 5  |  Hear a Christmas Wish for a woman who helps so many foster kids and wants to ensure that all the trips the kids make are as enjoyable as possible.
  • Wish 6 | Hear a Christmas Wish for a mom who’s making sure every moment counts and every memory is special.
  • Wish 7 | A 7-year-old boy has faced far too many hardships, but with this Christmas Wish, maybe some of his dreams can come true.
  • Wish 8 | Hear a Christmas Wish for the hard-working staff at Orchard Place.